Feast day walks - ep. 2

There is no better decision as to go in early morning to place where you never was before.
Today at 06:30 I visited Köningswarte in Austria.
No one believed I will wake up at 04:45 neither I but it happened so there are some photos.

cameraPentax K10D
lenses Tamron f2.5/24mm 01BB
Tokina SZ-X f4.5-5.6/80-200mm

Hazy morning

Bratislava in hazy morning

Vanessa atalanta


author: niekto@niekde.sk (Jaroslav Petráš)

date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 11:53:00 +0000

link: CyberAsylum.eu/photography-feast-day-walks-ep2