Braunsberg in Austria is a nice place to rest

Not far away from capital city of Slovakia is located the Braunsberg hill (346 m.a.s.l.) which is actually limestone massif. It's dominant object in the landscape and I have been always fascinated with it. Decision was made and I made a trip to that interesting place.

First time I walked there by tourist path. It's also accessible by car which is an advantage but also disadvantage because of high traffic of loud people. Thus relatively quiet place is disrrupted by guys reving engines on their motorcycles, loud music from parking cars (wtf?!), crying babies and etc. So it's more urban place and watch tower within palisade is pretty busy. On the other side I never saw anyone sitting directly on the limestone rocks and this place is that one where I really love to chill with my camera.

I have one more remark. I noticed some felt pen writings by Slovaks (I am also one so that's why I am even more disgusted) inside watch tower. Something like "We were here at and blah blah blah...". WHAT THE HELL?! It's so shameful.

Now some photos from that place and arout it.

cameraPentax K10D
lenses Tamron f2.5/24mm 01BB
Hoya HMC Zoom f4/80-200mm

Path continues

Sunset scenery

Sunset scenery

Sunset scenery

At night

author: (Jaroslav Petráš)

date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:03:00 +0000